Sunday, 27 September 2009

On the spot design pitch

This afternoon I visited my favourite teashop to meet with a friend. He is the founder and president of NTSU's newly formed Textiles Society and this past week I have been busy creating a logo and overall visual concept for the society. We were meeting to discuss the PDF of designs I had sent him.

I arrived to find out that the majority of the committee was now meeting up, and that he wanted me to pitch the idea and my designs to them - a very different scenario to informally discussing it just with him. And suddenly the nerves began to bubble.

It was nothing like a design pitch in industry would probably be like, so being nervous seems quite unnecessary now. They are students, I'm a student and it was quite informal really. But I'm not the sort of person to do things half-arsed, so I attempted to treat it as the real deal. I formulated the points I wanted to make and tried to communicate them in the clearest way possible.

It was extremely rewarding when they ended up choosing the design that was secretly my favourite, and how responsive they were to some of my other ideas regarding how they undertake some of their promo materials and fundraising. When it's all done and dusted, I plan to post the work here along with images of it in use at the upcoming Fresher's Fayres. Keep an eye out.

So. Not that big a deal. But a happy ending all the same.


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