Thursday, 10 September 2009

Good news!

Today I've been asked if I'd like to come back next week for more work experience at Jupiter. Of course the answer was yes. Afterwards, I couldn't stop smiling as I sat at my desk. Good times.

Seth, the designer I've been working with, said how nice it was that I actually chatted and interacted with team. Apparently they'd previously had a work experience student placed in a different team within the company who hardly spoke a word. Though I can't really judge the person as I don't know them, it baffles me how you can go on a work placement and not interact with the staff you are working with. Isn't that the point of a work placement? To get involved not only in the tasks given to you, but with the staff so that you can absorb what advice they can offer and question them about how they work and why.

Initially, I was nervous about doing work experience at Jupiter. What if they didn't like me? If I wasn't good enough? If I couldn't work fast enough? But I knew that I just had to ignore my worries, get stuck in and get as much out of the experience as possible.

And I think its working.


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